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Dog Park Publishing

Dog Park Publishing
Dog Park Publishing

The mission of Dog Park Publishing is to showcase and celebrate dogs, in general, and pit bulls, in particular, through our calendars and products, as a majestic, affectionate, and intelligent animal.

In addition, Dog Park Publishing is doing its part to support all animal shelters and rescues. We understand that most shelters are underfunded and their staffs and volunteers work diligently for the sake of the countless animals that come through their doors each year. We applaud their dedication.

Our company, which advocates that all owners spay/neuter their dogs and cats, donates a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of all of our merchandise to various rescue groups across the country.

In 2014, Dog Park Publishing made cash and product donations of $57,423.55 to dog rescues, shelters and animal welfare organizations. Since our inception in 2011, our company has made cash and product donations totalling more than $180,000.00.

In addition, our earth-friendly calendars are made from 10% post-consumer waste, with soy-based ink, that can be recycled. The paper, both chlorine- and acid-free, is FSC-certified as environmentally-conscious.
Fundraising Programs
Dog Park Publishing has easy-to-set-up fundraising programs that can help your rescue or shelter. For further information, please contact us at


Your rescue can order (with free shipping) a quantity up to 15 total (in any combination) of our four 2016 calendars — Painted Pit Bulls, Itty Pitties, For The Love of Pit Bulls or Painted Pooches — at a cost of $8.00, well below the retail price of $18.95. The invoice, however, would not be due until January 15, 2016 — meaning zero financial risk for your rescue! By January 15, your rescue can ship any unsold calendars back to us and just pay for the copies sold! Of course, if all goes well and your rescue sells-thru the amount we’ve shipped, then your rescue would simply pay for those calendars before we ship out a re-order!

We offer a similar program for our Nail Art. Your rescue can place an order (with free shipping) for 10 sets of an assortment of our nail decals at a cost of $2.50 each, or $25.00 total. The nail decals can then be sold for any amount (the suggested retail price is $4.95 each), with your rescue keeping the difference!


Here is a sample link that can be posted anywhere on your rescue’s website, Facebook page, or other social media site. You’ll notice at the top of the page, it says, “10% of the proceeds from your order will go to Your Dog Rescue.”

When someone visits your website and clicks on the link, they can place an order. That order–and any future orders from that person–will generate 10% for your rescue, which we will send out by check/PayPal on a quarterly basis. There is no time limit and we can start immediately.

“HELP A RESCUE” DAYS (April thru September):

Dog Park Publishing sets up your rescue with two consecutive Sales Days — Tuesday/Wednesday or Thurs/Friday. Your rescue promotes the Sales Days on Facebook/website/Twitter/e-mail; we do the same. Your rescue receives 10% of ALL sales to our company during those two days. We then send you a check. Of course, the more effort your rescue puts in, the greater the check will be!

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