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Nala’s Pit Bull Rescue

Nala’s Pit Bull Rescue; Nala is a beautiful Pit Bill that was found living in a ditch. From the very beginning it was obvious that she was a stray and that she had been abused. From her reaction it was also determined that her abuse was at the hands of a man. Whenever she would hear a man’s voice she would cringe in fear. Because of this behavior two women were enlisted to help in Nala’s rescue. She was so scared at first that she would not even eat until she was alone. With a little time and a lot of love it wasn’t long before Nala began to respond to the positive attention and her rescuers were finally able to move her from the ditch to a safer environment. Since that time she has been placed in a foster home and is doing much better. Much has been learned about Nala since then. Not only does she love children but other dogs as well. She is both sweet and gentle and has even overcome her fear of men since her rescue. There are too many dogs like Nala that have faced abandonment and abuse. It is truly heartwarming to see stories about the ones that are helped and find their way back to happiness like Nala.


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