Kitten Cuddles Dalmatian

Kitten Cuddles Dalmatian; In the beginning this adorable kitten is being held in the palm of someones hand and seems to be completely mesmerized with playing with his paws. As he grows tired of this he is placed on the floor where his entire focus of attention changes almost instantly. The kitten’s new focus of attention is now on a beautiful Dalmatian dog that is laying not far away. Almost instantly the kitten makes his way over to the dog which is monstrous in size compared to the tiny 3 week old kitten. Kittens love to cuddle by nature – especially at this age – and the kitten wastes no time in getting between the front paws of the dog and laying down for some cuddle time. It is clear that this mammoth dog could make a snack out of the kitten in no time if he were so inclined however he seems to barely even notice the kitten. As the kitten lays beneath the head of the dog, content to just lay close to him, it becomes apparent that this could very well be the beginning of a beautiful and long lasting friendship between the two. You would think the kitten would be afraid to get this close to a dog that is so much larger than him but there is not even a hint of fear present in this scene.

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