Buddy the Bucket List Dog has passed away

Buddy the 'Bucket List Dog'Buddy the 'Bucket List Dog'

A dog with terminal cancer, whose end-of-life bucket list was played out via social media, has passed away. His name was “Buddy,” and he was just seven years of age – on Wednesday, the 12,000+ followers of his Facebook page learned that the time had come to say good-bye.

Buddy’s Bucket List followers were told, “Unfortunately, earlier this week Buddy started making his steep decline. On Tuesday afternoon he started limping and we were advised by the vet that it wouldn’t be long before he couldn’t walk. We brought him home and cleared out a space so we could camp out on the floor with him with the air con as cold as possible (how he likes it), playing mini games of ball and tug and just savoring all the cuddles and happy memories before taking him in first thing yesterday.”

Buddy was let free from his failing body before he started to truly suffer from the devastating cancer – he was surrounded by those who loved him and he passed peacefully.

Buddy enjoyed a great deal before Lymphoma took its ultimate toll…from paw painting a canvas, to meeting a celebrity, the beloved dog was treated to many adventures before he was gone.

Rest easy Buddy – peace to those who loved you.

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