Dennis the Cross Eyed Sweetheart Celebrates 1 Year with Adopted Family

Dennis the cross eyed dog

In the UK, a sweet dog named Dennis, who has a condition called strabismus (crossed eyes), is now celebrating his first “adoption anniversary” with his new pet parents Liz Parkes and Nathan Bates. Before Liz and Nathan came along, Dennis had been having difficulty finding his forever home, as many prospective adopters were put off by crossed eyes.

When his original guardian had to give him up because he could no longer care for him, Dennis found himself in the Dogs Trust animal shelter in Kenilworth. After a series of rejections, Liz came into the shelter, set eyes on him … and the rest is history!

“He seemed like a real character when we first met him at Dog Trust,” she recalled, “and he has certainly lived up to this. Dennis has settled in really well, and we absolutely adore him, he is the best of friends with our dog Milo and definitely one of the family – we already can’t imagine life without him.”

In fact, she and Nathan believe that his crossed eyes (which do not adversely affect his vision) only serve to make him all the cuter … and we have to agree with them!
Seriously … could this boy BE any more loveable?

Adorable Cross Eyed Dog Celebrates His First ‘Adoption Anniversary’!

Adorable Cross Eyed Dog Celebrates His First 'Adoption Anniversary'!

“Some people will overlook any dogs that have a slight health problem or appear different,” Helen Barlow of Dogs Trust explained. “(Dennis) is a super dog and we all became very attached to him hen he was at Dogs Trust, so it’s wonderful to see him enjoying his first year in a happy home – looking cross-eyed at his anniversary cake – surrounded by a loving family.”
Yes, you read that right: Dennis was indeed presented with a special anniversary cake by his besotted humans! He undoubtedly deserved every bite of it.

Adorable Cross Eyed Dog Celebrates His First ‘Adoption Anniversary’!

“His slightly comedic cross-eyed looks really suit his cheeky personality,” the love-struck Liz continued. “There is never a dull moment when Dennis is about, he is always up to mischief and we absolutely wouldn’t have him any other way.” It is so wonderful to know that Dennis has found a family who will adore and cherish him for the rest of his life.

If you are thinking of welcoming a new canine friend into your life, always remember to adopt, don’t shop!

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