Dogs DO Cry when Sad


It is common knowledge that dogs suffer from many of the same illnesses and medical conditions that humans fall prey to. What may not be as commonly known is that these animals are also susceptible to many of the same emotions as well. Sadness, grief, depression, fear, excitement, happiness, joy and anxiety are all emotions that both animals and humans experience as well as many others.

The difference between humans and canines lies in how they express these emotions. Dog’s can’t use words to communicate their feelings the way that humans can. For this reason, they have to rely on other methods of expression to convey what they are feeling. There are many different methods of communication although some of these are far easier to understand than others.

Unusual actions, body language, barking and even crying are tools that our pets use to communicate with us. Whether or not we understand the messages that they are trying to send is ultimately up to how well you understand your pet.

When most people think of crying, they most likely think of someone with swollen, red eyes, tears streaming down their face and maybe even a runny nose. This may be a somewhat normal image of crying for a human, the same cannot be said for our four legged friends.

It is an undeniable fact that dogs can – and often do – cry. What makes these animals so different from humans is how they cry. Rather than a visible and sometimes silent cry, like that of humans, the cry of a canine is more spoken or vocal. You may not be able to see them cry, but there is no doubt that you will be able to hear them.

Whining, whimpering and even howling are all different types of crying. If you are a pet owner, you can expect to hear any and all of these during different times in your pet’s life. Generally speaking, these different cries have different meanings or emotions behind them. For example, if your pet howls it may signify that he is in pain or lonely. In the other hand, a whimper can also indicate these same emotions. This is where bonding with – and understanding – your pet become extremely important. Without these components, it will be very difficult to receive the messages that are being sent.

Crying that includes actual tears is much less common in dogs. This does not mean that it does not happen on occasion. It does, however, mean that there is much more than emotions to consider when it does happen. If you notice that your pet has actual tears coming from their eyes, it generally means that there is a medical problem. These problems most often have something to do with the eyes specifically, however, that may not always be the case. Blocked tear ducts are one problem that is quite common and may cause tears to flow from the eyes. Other problems that may cause eye drainage include allergies, infections and even some illnesses.

If your pet has eye drainage on a regular basis, it is definitely something that should be checked out. This is especially true if such drainage is anything other than a clear liquid. There are many things that can cause this symptom, so it’s always best to get professional advice in order to treat the problem properly.

Being a pet owner is a huge responsibility. Part of accepting that job is caring for all their needs. That includes the physical as well as the emotional. The responsibility may be great but the rewards are even greater.

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Also remember on 911 the rescuers hid so the rescue dogs would find someone alive because they became so depressed that all they found were bodies?

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