6 Amazing herbs for keeping your dogs healthy


If you’re a regular in the kitchen, you know that herbs offer a great way to add flavour and spice to foods.

Plus, they’re often full of health benefits.

If you’re a pet parent, you love your cats and dogs like children, feed them healthy foods, and try to use only natural pet supplies.


So what happens when you combine herbs and pets? Surprisingly, a lot of good!

Research shows herbs for dogs can boost immune systems, repel pests and parasites, prevent future diseases, and heal wounds.

When used correctly, herbs can become another tool in your natural product toolbox and can help keep your dog healthy and strong.

Sprinkle dried or fresh herbs over your dog’s food, or add to homemade dog treats to make them healthier and more flavourful.

Here are six herbs to consider adding to your dog’s diet:


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