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Blue Buffalo Treats Recall | Responsibility. As a pet owner you have a big responsibility to take the very best care of your pet possible. A big part of this is to be aware of the ingredients that is found in their food. Unfortunately, there are times when things get into pet foods that are not supposed to be there. This can make pets quite ill so it is up to you to notice when they may not be acting quite themselves or display other signs that something might not be right.

Blue Buffalo is a well-known and well respected company that manufactures a large line of various food and treats for pets. Recently however they recalled some popular cat treats based on the complaint of a customer. After testing it was discovered that the treats in question contained small amounts of propylene glycol which is not an FDA approved ingredient for cat food or treats. Once the testing revealed that Blue Kitty Yums Chicken Recipe Cat Treats was contaminated by this ingredient the company issued a recall of the affected treats. As stated by the company only two batches were affected which include the following:

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UPC code 859610007820 – Use by April 24, 1016

UPC code 859610007820 – Use by July 24, 2016

These treats come in a 2 ounce stand up pouch. Anyone who has purchased either of these may return them to the place of purchase for a complete refund.

Ingestion of large amounts of propylene glycol can lead to problems for cats that may include loss of coordination, depression, excessive urination and thirst as well as muscle twitching. If your cat has displayed any of these symptoms after eating the recalled food you should seek veterinarian attention for proper diagnosis and treatment. The earlier such symptoms are detected and treated the better the results will be.

It is our job as pet parents to do everything in our power to keep our pets both happy and healthy. Keeping on top of important recalls and updates such as this is one way of doing just that. The more informed we are the healthier we can keep our pets as a result.



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