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As pet owners we love to reward our dogs with treats especially when they exhibit good behavior. Even for dogs with less than desirable behavior should get a special treat from time to time. The problem is that when you are buying store bought treats specifically made for dogs it is not always easy to know if these are healthy for your dog to eat or even safe to feed them. This is especially true if you have a dog that has dietary or weight concerns. Many people then turn to using some human foods as treats for their dogs but even this can pose a problem if you don’t know which foods are safe for your dog to eat and which ones can pose hidden dangers.

As humans we know that fruits and vegetables make excellent snack choices for us based on the amount of vitamins and minerals that they contain. What many people don’t realize is that many fruits and vegetables are great for our dogs for the same reasons. The important thing to know is which fruits and vegetables are safe for our furry friends and which ones can present a problem. Grapes and onions should never be given to dogs as they are toxic to dogs but many other fruits and vegetables are completely safe for our friends and present great health benefits to them as well.


This is a great fruit snack for your dog because of the vitamins that it contains.These vitamins include potassium, B6 and C as well as fiber and amino acids. The sugar and electrolyte content of bananas make them a great snack for dogs that are highly active or athletic as they can provide a quick energy boost during times of activity.



This fruit is full of antioxidants, fiber and vitamins which makes it a great snack for dogs. Fresh or frozen blueberries in moderation can be a tasty reward for your canine companion. It is important not to overindulge your pet with blueberries however as this can lead to stomach upset.


Many people love a nice slice of cold watermelon on a hot day and your dog will enjoy it as well. The high water content of this fruit will also aid in preventing dehydration in your pet on a hot day. Potassium, magnesium and Vitamins A and C are plentiful in this fruit in addition to it having few calories. When sharing watermelon with your pooch be sure to remove any seeds and don’t share the rind.


This is a vegetable that can provide many benefits for your pet. In addition to the vitamins and minerals that it contains beets also serve as a detoxifying agent and even have properties that help promote a healthy liver.


When it comes to carrots there are actually two reasons to feed them to your dog. Not only are carrots high in fiber and vitamin content but they have dental benefits as well. Carrots can help remove plaque from your dogs teeth and even prevent bad breath.

Peanut Butter

Dogs seem to love peanut butter but many people are unsure if this is actually a safe snack to give to them. Rest assured it is completely safe. The key is to choose a peanut butter that is all natural. The added sugar and preservatives that is found in some peanut butter should be avoided as it is definitely not good. The protein and vitamins found in peanut butter make it a great snack for your pet.


This is another treat that is good for dogs but like peanut butter you should look for the all natural varieties and avoid sugar and preservatives. Yogurt contains calcium, zinc, potassium and riboflavin as well as vitamins and probiotics.


This vegetable contains not only potassium and other vitamins but folate as well. The good news is that no part of squash is toxic to dogs which means you can indulge your pet without having to worry about problems later.

It is no secret that natural treats such as fruits and vegetables are better choices than store-bought stuff that is loaded with ingredients you can barely pronounce let alone identify. This is true for humans and dogs alike. When you are using ingredients such as these you can even combine different ones to make your own home made treats that will be healthy for your dog. One such example is combining peanut butter and yogurt to make a frozen treat that your pet will love. The best part of such treats is that they are made with love and you will know without a doubt exactly what your best friend is getting. You simply can’t guarantee that when using store-bought treats that contain all kinds of preservatives and other ingredients.

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