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Having a dog for a companion can be a great thing for many people. For many of these people their dogs are the only companions that they have. As such, many of these dogs are pampered more than an average pet might be. One of the ways that many people often pamper their dogs is with treats or scraps of people food. Unfortunately, there are many types of people food that can make your dog seriously ill. In some cases some of these foods can also be potentially fatal for your dog.

Plums and Peaches

It has been proven that the pits of both plums and peaches contain cyanide. Unlike people, dogs don’t know that the pits of these fruits are not meant to be eaten. It is for this reason that you should avoid feeding these particular fruits to your dog in order to prevent problems.

Dairy Products

It may seem harmless to offer your dog a bowl of milk or other dairy product occasionally. The truth of the matter is that this act is far from harmless. Dairy products can cause serious problems for dogs including diarrhea and upset stomach. This is because dogs lack the enzyme needed to process the lactose in these foods. In addition to this, these foods can also lead to the development of allergies as well.


Another fruit that you should avoid giving your dog is avocado. Like plums and peaches, the pits of this fruit can be very dangerous and possibly even deadly to your dog. In addition to the pits, other parts of this fruit including the bark and leaves and even the fruit itself present dangers to dogs. This is because of an element called persin. Even in small amounts persin can be extremely toxic to dogs. Common problems that may be  caused by this fruit include diarrhea, vomiting and difficulty breathing.


Chocolate and Caffeine

These are two foods that should never be given to a dog. Caffeine alone is bad enough but chocolate is even worse. This is because chocolate contains caffeine in addition to other ingredients that can be harmful to dogs. The worst kinds of chocolate for dogs are dark chocolate and bakers chocolate that has not been sweetened. Either of these foods can cause serious medical issues for your dog. Some of these issues include vomiting, muscle spasms, tremors, abnormal heart beat, restless behavior and even death.


There are many different spices that, as humans, we use to give our food a better flavor. While this goal may be achieved, it is important to remember that some of these seasonings can be harmful and potentially even fatal for our four legged friends. Some of the most dangerous of these include onions, garlic and chives. It doesn’t matter if these are raw, cooked or dehydrated they can cause serious problems for your dog.

Knowing what foods pose a danger to your dog can help you ensure that your companion lives a long and healthy life. Just remember, people food is not for dogs

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