Recall of K-9 Kraving Chicken Patties Dog Food


Recall of K-9 Kraving Chicken Patties Dog Food: When you own pets it is not uncommon to treat them as you would your children. As such you want only the best for them and that includes everything from the food that you feed them right down to important health care decisions. Unfortunately sometimes things happen that make even the best of foods unsafe for your pets. This is often the result of contamination from bacteria or similar such issues. K-9 Kraving has issues a voluntary recall of their chicken patties raw dog food for this very reason.

The FDA routinely tests random samples of dog foods for quality and safety reasons. When such a test revealed that some batches of the K-9 Kraving Chicken dog food contained potential Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes the company knew that they needed to act quickly. They subsequently recalled the potentially affected food and informed consumers about what steps to take in order to protect themselves and their precious pets.

The food that is believed to be affected by the contamination was sent to various stores in the Maryland area between the dates of July 13 and 17, 2015. It is advised that anyone with potentially contaminated food dispose of it following the safe handling instructions on the packaging. Refunds of the product are also available by returning the product or receipt to the location of purchase.

Salmonella and Listeria are bacteria that can pose serious health risks not only to your pets but to humans as well. This is especially true if proper hand washing is not done after handling contaminated food. Signs to watch for concerning Salmonella include diarrhea with or without the presence of blood, abdominal cramping, fever, nausea and vomiting. The symptoms for pets is pretty much the same as that of humans however they may also appear lethargic. In some cases pets will only display such symptoms as a decrease in appetite with fever or abdominal cramps. It is also for a pet that does not exhibit any symptoms at all to transfer it to others.

While it is not common for pets to be affected by Listeria contamination it is still important to know the symptoms should you become ill after handling food that may be affected. The symptoms associated with this bacteria include muscle aches, headache, confusion, stiff neck, convulsions, fever and loss of balance.

While anyone can be affected by these dangerous bacteria they are particularly dangerous to the very young and the elderly as well as anyone with a weakened immune system. If you show any of the symptoms you should seek medical advice and the same is true if your pet shows any of these symptoms as well.

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