What to Feed Your Dog at Each Age


Whether you have had your dog as long as you can remember or have just acquired a new puppy, you want to feed him or her a healthy diet. The following are some practical tips on choosing dog food:

Your new puppy’s diet is the primary building block for his or her future health. The best brands of puppy food provide the nutrition your best friend needs in each calorie he or she ingests. Foods with processed ingredients, not enough moisture, or too many carbohydrates can lead to health problems such as diabetes, fatty liver and obesity. The best puppy food brands contain ingredients that are similar to what your dog would eat in the wild. Good dog food brands contain whole animal proteins as the first ingredient on the list, such as lamb or chicken, rather than chicken meal or chicken byproducts.

Adult dogs should be fed a diet similar to that outlined above, but after graduating from the puppy stage, normal size kibbles can be selected. Check with your vet if you are unsure whether or not your pooch is ready for adult size food.

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If they are healthy, older dogs will have similar nutritional needs as their younger counterparts. However, it is a good idea to restrict their fats. You should also increase fiber intake if you have a senior dog, as this will aid his or her digestion. High-fiber treats can be used in between meals. You should only give your older dog dry food if he or she is free of kidney issues, but the size of the kibbles should be small. This is because older dogs sometimes have weak teeth or sensitive gums, which will make chewing large-size kibbles difficult. Low-protein foods should be given to your pooch if he or she has kidney problems. Canned foods are best for older dogs with renal issues. If your furry friend has medical problems such as liver disease or diabetes, ask your veterinarian for prescription food.

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