Pit Bull Temperament


Pit Bull Temperament

The temperament of each dog can vary, though pit bulls are pretty similar across the board. Pit bulls are very energetic dogs, with lots of endurance and a strong will to satisfy. The loyalty of these dogs is insurmountable compared to others, and they will go a long way to please their owners and loved ones.

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These dogs need daily exercise, if not for your health or theirs, but for your poor backyard and living area. Leaving a pit bull in the house all day can be just as bad as keeping them locked in a crate. They crave attention and activity, to burn off the ridiculous amount of energy they have. Pits will curl up with you on the couch or wrestle you on the floor until you’re out of breath. Though, keep in mind if your dog has not been out in a while, the wrestling match might get carried away!

Pit bulls can be very stubborn and disobedient when they harbor too much energy or aren’t socialized enough. They are brilliant animals who learn quickly and have a great understanding of family; their disobedience is in their nature to test boundaries and declare dominance.


When training your dog, harsh punishments can make them resent you while more positive reinforcement will lead to quicker discipline. Now, of course, your pit is not going to do everything right the first time, and they will have times of trial and may destroy your shoes or jump on the counter and eat your freshly cooked steak. This is all a part of their personality and remembers to always show them love and appreciation for all the good that they do.

Pit bulls have an excellent temperament, easily get along with other dogs and humans; they truly are a man’s best friend (in my case, a woman’s best friend).

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