3 Amazing Facts about Dogs You Should Know!

3 Amazing Facts about Dogs You Should Know!

3 Amazing Facts about Dogs You Should Know!

You might have been an ardent dog lover since the past couple of years. Perhaps you are almost an expert now at taking care of them. However, with the advancement of scientific research and the advent of Internet, there is always something unexpected that we get to unearth from the heaps of information available to us! Therefore, even after living with dogs for years, exchanging moments of joy and love with one another and being partners in crime, you might not know everything about them! You might know facts about their diet, training, breeds, exercise and behavior but there are three interesting facts that you might not have yet discovered yet about your dogs. We have listed the following three facts for your enlightenment which we did not know earlier! So keep your eyes right on the article to unravel the mysteries about your furry companion!

Dogs can smell disease!

As you might already know, dogs have a very sharp nose and they can easily identify the scent. They can recognize the fluctuation in your blood sugar level which smells sweet when high and acidic when low. Therefore, they can warn you even before you yourself realize that your blood sugar level has fallen or risen! They can even sniff out the symptoms of cancer by identifying the smell of the abnormal cells caused by cancer which could be in lungs, breast, prostate etc.

Dogs feel jealous too!

If you have more than one dog in your home, you might want to make sure that all of them feel equally loved and rewarded. Their emotions work a lot like ours. When our mother favors a sibling more than us, we tend to develop a feeling of jealousy which leads to loneliness and envy. Similarly, if your dog thinks that you love the other dog more than him, he could start feeling jealous and attempt to maintain a distance from the other dog. Now, the identification of love may differ from that of a human. Your dog will not be jealous if you croon more with the other dog. Rather, your dog will be jealous if he feels that he is not being acknowledged enough like the other dogs. This could happen if he feels that he is not being rewarded like the other dogs. For example, the other dog performs a trick and gets rewarded which he thinks he has always been able to do but never got rewarded might invoke a feeling of envy in him.

Friendly dogs enjoy a longer lifespan!

According to a research conducted by the American Naturalist in 2010, dogs which are more friendly and playful live longer than the ones which are aggressive and bold. The research was conducted considering factors including the energy use, personalities, growth rates and life spans of 56 dog breeds. Breeds which were docile turned out to rate higher on metabolism and longevity while less obedient and aggressive ones outgrew them and died earlier.


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