3 School Children That Kicked And Killed A Flamingo Have Been Arrested


3 School Children That Kicked And Killed A Flamingo Have Been Arrested

Three school children kicked a flamingo to death at a zoo in the Czech Republic.

The boys, who are aged five, six and eight, threw rocks at a flock of American flamingos after climbing over a fence at the zoo. They then started kicking two birds, one of which died, the other received ‘serious injuries’.


After the violent attack the children ran away to hide in some nearby woodland but were caught because of the bright yellow jumper one of the boys was wearing. They were then detained by police.

Martin Maláč a spokesperson from the Jihlava Zoo where the incident took place told the Daily Mail that the boys showed no remorse after the attack.

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  1. Good for the police and while they are at it what in those kids up bringing by their parents made them think it was ok to do that??? Check them out too.

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