4 Tips To Get Your Puppy To Love Bath Time!

4 Tips To Get Your Puppy To Love Bath Time!

When it comes to bathing, there is no case. We’ve done everything: adjust the temperature of the water, bring toys to the shower, we try baths with a hose, in the tub and no … There is nothing to get Amelia, my oldest, enjoy the bathroom.

It’s something that just seems natural to her. Once you see your towel come out of the drawer, or peeks out to discover that the special shampoo for light-colored dogs is in my hands, the scene of each month is repeated:

Trembling, crouching in her bed, refuses to come voluntarily to a bath that is at the perfect temperature for her skin… There’s no remedy, Or does it?

We know that bath frequency is delicate for dogs skin: twice a month for dogs living outdoors, or once a month for dogs living in apartments with little or zero access to get cover in the dirt… More than this would be counterproductive to his coat due to the loss of natural oils needed for skin and fur health.

“Happy Bath” How To guide:

While nutrition plays an important role in the appearance of fur, bathing is an indispensable factor in keeping dogs coat at its best. The main thing is to prevent bathroom from being stressful for your dog:

1.Use the right shampoo: Consistently using medicated or human shampoo, can affect the health of your dog’s skin, drying his coat and causing itching, peeling and other discomforts. Also, don’t forget to remove it completely as residues could cause irritations.

2. Drying:
Try to do it with clean and dry towels, as the dryer is usually scary and too hot for their skin. In case the dryer remains the first choice, remember to use it in medium heat to avoid accidental burns.

3.The technique: The ideal way to bathe our dogs, starts scrubbing their necks and chest moving towards the tail, trying to scrub each corner. Then gently clean his face without letting any water to get in their delicate ears. Wait a couple of minutes, and remove the shampoo slowly and thoroughly.

4.Finally: To improve the bath experience, take him to play at the park before, get him really tired, play together with dirt and mud, have fun! Lukewarm water it’s the perfect option for dogs remember neither hot or cold will make them feel completely comfortable.

Still not enough? Well, at least you are not alone, take a look at these funny “My dog hate Bath” Video compilation (My favorite is the 2:46 Bull Dog) ENJOY!

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