5 Tips On How To Get My Picky Dog To Eat


5 Tips on how to get my picky dog to eat

For any dog owner, a list of tricks on how to get my picky dog to eat can become essential at some point. Canine feeding can be a real problem: sometimes on a whim, sometimes because of intolerance to a food ingredient, digestive sickness or dental problems can be disguised in a dog’s loss of appetite.

The first thing is to understand that there are two types of dogs: those who would eat just about anything, including socks, and those who take food as an element that gives them the energy to stay active, so they’ll eat exclusively when they’re hungry.


If your dog is one of the first types, you should try to make sure that it’s completely healthy. If you have noticed that it’s lack of appetite persist for a couple of days, rejecting all kinds of food, you should rule out underlying medical conditions that may be affecting it.

On the other hand, if its behavior continues to be active and cheerful, keeps a healthy weight and stays alert and perky, but refuses to eat from its plate, but then begs for another kind of food, especially human food, this how to get my picky dog to eat list might be perfect for you:

  1. Acting: While an impeccable interpretation of Hamlet might not be the answer for this particular problem, taking some food from its plate and pretending you are enjoying it, will show your pet the food is incredibly tasty and could encourage him/her to try it.
  2. Little by little: If you are in the transition from wet food/human food to dry food, start by mixing a little meat or wet food with kibbles in our pets bowl, will help it to get progressively accustomed to the new diet.
  3. Try different brands: Perhaps your dog is bored with being fed day after day with the same brand of dry food, the same taste and smell and so on. Bring variety to its palate by gradually offering different brand flavors. Remember that food changes shouldn’t be drastic as you could irritate their stomach. A useful strategy is to include equal parts of the new food and the old one in the bowl for a couple of meals.
  4. Super smellyfied: Pouring warm water or broth over dry food, will increase its smell and make it more appetizing for our dear friend. As you know, canines are guided by smell, but concentrated food can lose its characteristic aroma during storage. With this simple trick, they will be delighted.

5. Get used to it: The only human food provider your dog have is Yourself! Dry food is specially designed to strengthen your pet’s bones and teeth, to help them grow by giving them all the nutrients they need. Human food can affect their health: lead to serious dental problems, loss of coat and calcium. Believe it or not, that little slice of lasagna, that tiny peanut butter cookie should be reserved for you only.

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