“After 10 years of doing this (animal rescue), I pride myself on not crying,” Alaqua Animal Refuge founder Laurie Hood said. “But after this I cried like a baby.”

 There isn’t much that can make Alaqua Animal Refuge founder Laurie Hood cry.

But what she saw Tuesday made her do just that.

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“In the state of Florida, puppy mills are not regulated,” she said. “Each county has a different statute that covers it. If someone wants to breed animals, they don’t have to have a license. They’re unregulated and they put these puppies up for sale in newspapers and what not and adopt out puppies that end up going to homes where they have complications afterward.

“And then when enough people complain, as was the case in this scenario, finally something gets done.”

A bill has been introduced in the state Legislature that would require animal cruelty offenders to enter into a state registry and prohibit them from owning pets, according to The News Service of Florida.

Alaqua is raising money to build a larger facility, where Hood says they will be able to help even more dogs from in puppy mills.

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It is expensive to aid the puppies, and Alaqua accepts donations to help pay for their medical care. To donate, apply for adoption or find out more information, visit www.alaqua.org.

Charges against the owner of the puppy mill are pending.

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