Faithful Pit Bull Won’t be going Home after the Fire – update

pit bull stays with owner after house fire

We have a sad update on yesterdays story about the faithful pit bull that stayed by her owners side after a house fire;

On Wednesday morning, a devoted pit bull stood vigil by the side of her owner, who was injured in a devastating house fire in Landover Hills, Maryland. After the fire was extinguished, the faithful dog, and her pup, were taken to an animal shelter because she is considered to be a “banned” breed in the county where her family lives, reported NBC Washington News.

The dog who showed such loyalty is Precious, and she and her pup, “Molly,” are now being held at a Prince George’s County animal shelter; neither dog will be allowed to go home to their family. The owner’s son told NBC News, “It’s sad. I love that dog.”

Firefighters had to utilize an extinguisher to make Precious walk away from her owner – the rescuers noted that Precious never showed any sign of aggression…she just did not want to leave her owner’s side. The shelter has indicated that Precious and Molly will not be put down, but they are not allowed to go back to their family because of the breed ban which is in effect.

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