Dogs Confiscated after video of Him beating them with a Board to be Returned Internet goes Crazy (Video)


A South Carolina man, who was captured on video allegedly hitting his German shepherd with a wooden board, could regain custody of his dogs, which were seized by the Orangeburg Animal Control, reported Sunday’s Tucson News Now. The alleged abuse to a dog named “Sasha,” was shared on Facebook and it resulted in the dog’s owner, identified as Harry Leviner, being arrested in mid-October.

The Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Department arrested Leviner after viewing the disturbing video, and the local animal control took custody of the man’s three German shepherds. However, the animal control agency was not given full custody of the dogs and Leviner could possibly have the opportunity to regain custody of them.

Animal lovers who are hoping to see the dogs placed with a new owner have created a Facebook page on behalf of Leviner’s dogs. The Orangeburgs GSDS Deserve Justice Facebook page currently has over 5,000 followers.

The video of the Orangeburg dog beating (WARNING: GRAPHIC) – Columbia, South Carolina

Leviner’s trial date is still pending – the dogs who were taken to animal control are reported to be doing well.

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dog allegedly beaten with a board

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