Dead Dogs and Cats Found in Crates all over property at ‘Animal Rescue’

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 A New Mexico group claiming to be an animal rescue could be in big trouble after deputies made some shocking discoveries on the group’s property near Tularosa.

The Otero County Sheriff’s Office says it found dead and injured dogs all over the property at the Animal Rescue K-9 and Feline of Tularosa.

Deputies say they found 10 dead dogs and one dead cat left in crates on the property. They also found 22 dogs and eight cats alive.They were all taken to the vet’s office or the local shelter.

Neighbors say they didn’t have a good feeling about the rescue group which adopts animals from shelters before they’re euthanized.

“We thought there was something kind of fishy out there we just didn’t know what it was,” said Alvino Duran, who lives near the rescue.

KRQE News 13 called the number on the group’s Facebook page. The woman on the phone said she could not comment as the case was ongoing.

The latest update on their page says due to a family emergency the rescue would be shutting its doors.

People in Tularosa are shocked to hear about this.

“Me having my pets, it’s a part of the family and just the thought that someone is treating a part of the family like that, it’s just they had no consideration for an animals life ,” said Tularosa resident Josephine Duran.

No arrests have been made yet but deputies say there are three persons of interest in the case.

Otero County deputies say that they still need to talk to one more person of interest and collect more evidence from the vet before the District Attorney can decide if there should be charges.

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