Javier Orelly stabs and beheads dog in Florida with Medieval Ax

javier orelly - Booking Photojavier orelly - Booking Photo

According to Thursday’s New York Daily News, a Florida man repeatedly stabbed a large, black dog and then cut off the dog’s head with a medieval ax – on the same day, a duck was also killed and both deaths are apparently part of some type of animal sacrifice ritual. The man accused of the killings has been identified as 28-year-old Javier Orelly, of Palm Beach.

Orelly’s cruel acts were brought to the attention of the local authorities after a neighbor reported seeing the man kicking and throwing a dog in front of his apartment complex, reported the Sun-Sentinal. By the time that Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived to the scene, the bodies of the beheaded dog and a duck were on top of two rocks and Orelly was “digging a grave.”

According to Local 10 News, Orelly told the authorities that the dog had “looked at him weird” in explanation for the killing. He then explained that he, “was stressed out and needed to sacrifice animals to cleanse himself.”

Orelly is facing two animal cruelty charges and he is being held without bail.

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