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Rooo – can you see that pawsome red Swiss looking tag I’m wearing in the photo? It’s a CEBA tag – which means I’m now part of the most pawsome pack of Entlebuchers ever – the CEBA pack! CEBA means Comprehensive Entlebucher Breed Assessment, and I just took the test this weekend over at the NEMDA Entlefest in Lake Tahoe along with some of my new Entle pals.

This is how I got the CEBA tag

The CEBA humans have come up with a pawsome set of games. The games are meant to tell them how different Entlebuchers behave in different situations – and from there they can figure out whether or not we behave the breed typical way. It sounds more complicated than it really is – here’s what happened.

At first I had to walk alongside my human while a group of strangers milled around us, and some of them stretched out their hands to say hello. Then the same humans formed a circle around us and walked towards us. Then they started clapping their hands. I thought the humans behaved sillier than normal, but I kept a straight face and stuck with my human.

Apparently that was good – because it meant we’re a pawsome team.


Introducing the Hol-ee roller

Then the best thing ever happened – I got to show the CEBA people how good I am at playing tug. Not just with my human, but with someone else too! They even had my favourite a hol-ee-roller ball there for us to play tug with! I think they were mighty impressed with my play growling *waggy tail*.

Hide and Seek

Then there were another four or fives games before it was time for a group of friendly strangers to block my view so I couldn’t see where my human went to hide. The CEBA humans wanted to know if I’d go searching for my human or not.

Of course I knew all along that she was hiding behind that big tree (I’m not a sniffer dog for nothing!), but I kept my poker face straight. And when the strangers released me, I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me to…… the hol-ee-roller ball! *waggy tail*.

As soon as I had secured the ball, I went straight to my human so we could play more tug. My human looked so proud (could also have been embarrassment, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference!) and all the other humans were laughing.

What a pawsome game!

Later the same night when we got the results of our assessments, one of the judges of the CEBA games mentioned that many of the Entles showed real herding potential in the CEBA assessment. When one of the humans asked what, specifically she had seen, the judge mentioned my little hol-ee roller ball trick.


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