9 yr old Tank found and returned after 45 DAYS

Boston Terrier named Hank and Billi reunitedBoston Terrier named Hank and Billi reunited

Just when it looked like all hope was lost a missing dog finds his way home. Tank, was, who knows where, for more than a month; however, last week the nine-year-old Boston Terrier mutt was reunited with his family, and now the owner wants to thank the complete strangers who played the roles of hero.

“This family has been through a lot in the last six weeks, and I just really think that it’s a miracle,” said Nancy Vettore, the person who found the dog that had been missing for 42 days.

“There are no words for this,” said another helper, Stephanie Hicks. After seeing hundreds of missing dog ads, complete strangers like Hicks started looking. “Setting up traps and cameras, looking for traces of him, and we really just worked as a team to keep pushing and get him home.”

“They gave a lot of time, and a lot of heart to get him home,” said Billi Sparacino, the dog’s owner. I don’t ever want them to forget my appreciation, or forget what they meant to me; what (Tank) means to me.”

After Tank’s disappearance, there was a steady dose of sightings by people utilizing social media. The next few weeks, however, it seemed Tank had vanished.

“About that time someone called me and said I haven’t seen you sharing his face,” Sparacino said. Encouragement from the community kept pouring in, “Don’t give up hope, you keep going, we’re praying for you. My husband asked when I was going to stop looking and I said when I either find him dead, or he’s home.”

Unbelievably, storms last week chased a frail Tank out from hiding. Vettore said she came home one day and Tank was sitting in her driveway, about three miles away from Sparacino’s.

“The white in his face kind of gave it away,” Vettore knew.

As a token of her appreciation, Sparacino gave Tank’s rescuers custom dog-tags that read: “In my darkest hours, you helped me find my home; Tank’s hero.”

Experts recommend immediately posting to social media if your pet goes missing. Experts encourage organizing search parties but discourage ever chasing the animal, in case it is frightened. You may be able to lure the pet back home by leaving out familiar clothing, along with treats.

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