A Dog Loves You Unconditionally


For many, many years dogs have been considered man’s best friend because a dog loves you unconditionally. The best way to describe this kind of unconditional love is to think of the way a mother loves her child. No matter what that child does the mother still loves them, well the same is true of the love between a dog and his master.

Why Does A Dog Love You Unconditionally?

It is believed by some that a dogs unconditional love is related in part to breeding. Even so, this love must be nurtured over time and allowed to develop into the truly unconditional love that dogs share with their owners. After all, if something is not used it often becomes dormant or difficult to gain access to.

How Does A Dog Love You Unconditionally?

Although dogs may not show love in the same ways that humans do, there are still many different ways that a dog may show you that he truly does love you unconditionally. Some of these ways may be easy to see while others may rely more on body language than any specific action. For example, when a dog is happy he often wags his tail. This action may also be an indication that he loves you because you are there to meet his needs which makes him  happy. Another less conspicuous show of a love may be the way a dog is content to simply lay close to you or even in your lap.

Another example of how dogs love you unconditionally is demonstrated by the loyalty that they feel towards you. For example, many dogs are fiercely protective of the owners that they love so well. This loyalty and protective nature is most likely brought on because of the love that they feel.


One of the best examples of how a dog loves you unconditionally is to look at a child who gets a dog as a puppy. The child and dog are then allowed to grow together for many years. The longer the two are together the stronger that bond becomes. It is even likely that upon seperation for whatever reason that both the child or the dog will grieve over the loss of the other.

Dogs are prone to many of the same health conditions and emotions that humans are so why not unconditional love as well. It has been shown many times over by many different dogs that dogs love us unconditionally and not just because we feed them. In this same regard there are also some human emotions that dogs are not prone to such as jealousy or holding a grudge. The lack of these two characteristics is another example of how a dog loves you unconditionally. Even in cases where dogs are not given a lot of attention or mistreated they still give their owners their unconditional love whether the owner deserves it or not. This is just the nature of a dog.

There are many reasons that a dog loves you unconditionally and there are many ways that they show this love. From their cute, irresistible eyes to their wagging tails our dogs show us every day in one way or another that they love us. It is up to us whether or not we recognize that love and reciprocate the feeling back to them. Whether we do or not it is certain that regardless of what we do or how we act or dog will still show us unconditional love for as long as they are able. For many people this is the main reason we get dogs in the first place.

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