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American Pit Bull and Staffordshire Terriers are greatly loved by their owners and for good reason. Anyone who has such a dog as a pet can and will verify this fact. There are several dog breeds that fall under this category, including the Pitbull, American Stafford, Staffordshire Terrier, and the Bull Terrier. The Staffordshire’s and the latter are primarily regarded as the “clown” of the Bull Terrier breed because its playful, somewhat goofy nature and fun-loving personality. Staffordshires’ are extremely loyal and protective of their owners, and therefore make great companions for those who want a best friend in the true sense of the word. The American Stafford Terrier was developed by certain dog experts for the purpose of breeding a type of Bull Terrier that would have a mild temperament. The American Stafford Terrier is definitely an example of such a dog.

Pit Bulls have a long and interesting history and have been a staple in American communities since the mid-1800s. When the English, Scottish and Irish settlers first came to the United States from their native countries, they brought their dogs with them for many practical reasons. In the then- rough and rugged new territories, the Pitbull Terrier was a valuable protector and companion. Such dogs were not only fantastic guardians, they also performed a broad range of practical duties that they did not have to be coaxed to complete. For example, they were capable of herding cattle, protecting their owners from outlaws and thieves, and fighting off both animal predators and trespassers. Although dog-fighting was popular in certain East Coast settlements throughout the 19th century, contrary to the beliefs commonly held in today’s modern society, such dogs were typically assigned a more general role in the community than merely performing in dog fights or other aggressive entertainment venues. On the dangerous frontier, the tough, strong Pit Bull was valued as a dog capable of multiple tasks, such as those listed above, as well as protecting stored food, guarding children, and sniffing out potential hazards.


Although they may have a reputation in certain areas as being aggressive and violent dogs, such characteristics are usually the result of poor care, rather than a genetic predisposition to violence. For example, some dogs, such as Pit Bulls and German Shepherds are abused by disreputable breeders and pet owners. Certain individuals even purposely allow breeding between the most temperamental of their dogs in order to develop aggressive puppies. After several generations of such breeding, dogs with violent personalities may emerge. However, these characteristics were manipulated by unsavory individuals and were not due to genetics. This type of breeding is usually done with a goal of selling such animals to those who want to use them for dog-fights, a supposed “sport” to which no legitimate dog lover would subject his or her pet.

Ultimately, when appropriately trained and given love and affection, PitBulls and Stadffordshires’ make ideal pets for any canine lover. They are very social with their owners and genuinely love humans. Although they crave attention, this is all part of their charm, and they will do anything for their favorite humans.

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