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A protector, police dog, hunter and pet, the Aidi Arab Dog is said to have come from North Africa. That would include Libya, the Moroccos, Algeria and Tunisia. This noble dog may have originated in the Sahara. The standard for the Aidi was published in 1963 as the Atlas Sheepdog, even though this dog had never been a sheepdog. A correction was made in 1969. The Aidi lived in the Atlas Mountains of Algeria, Libya and Morocco, and worked at protecting the owner’s family and property from predators such as wildcats, as well as approaching strangers. In many cases this breed of dog was used to guard and protect various types of livestock such as sheep and goats.

The Aidi is thought to share ancestry with the Pariah dog, with whom it has some resemblance. It was also called a Berber dog, named after the Berber tribes who used it as a guard dog. The nomad tribes of the desert placed the most aggressive and alert dogs around the camp’s perimeter at night. Even so, the tribes historically have not highly regarded dogs, including the Aidi. The exceptions to the disregard are the Sloughi and a few other breeds that they considered noble. Still, Moroccans have recently decided to protect the Aidi breed for its many contributions to their welfare and safety, forming a club for this purpose.

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The Aidi reaches a height of 20 to 25 inches and weighs about 55 pounds. A thick, coarse, weather resistant coat covers a muscular, lean body with a bear-like head and a plumed tail. The muzzle is tapered and the brown or black nose normally matches the coat. The colors are black and white, white, black, tawny or pale red.

When hunting the Aidi Arab is often used in combination with the Sloughi. Because of its highly effective sense of smell the Aidi is excellent at tracking prey; once the prey is tracked by the Aidi, the Sloughi is used to chase down and catch whatever is being hunted. Because of their various abilities these two make a very effective tracking and capturing team.

In addition to its fierce protectiveness the Aidi is also highly energetic and quite powerful. Its alertness and agility are characteristics that work together to make it the highly effective watchdog that it has come to be recognized for. The Aidi is also quite sensitive. For this reason it is recommended that it be introduced to many different social settings from a very young ago. When this is done properly, this breed of dog can also make a wonderful dog to own as a family pet. When the Aidi is used as a family pet it is almost like having two dogs in one because you get a dog that is great with the family and will still protect your home with the fierceness and loyalty that this breed of dog is well known for.

There are many different breeds of dogs that are chosen because they make such wonderful family pets. Many of these dogs however are little more than cuddle bugs to be loved on. Very few dogs that are chosen as family pets have the ability to make effective watchdogs as well. If you are looking for a dog that will do well as a family pet plus give you the added peace of mind that comes from knowing your home and family will be protected then the Aidi Arab breed is a dog that you should definitely give some serious consideration. After all, doesn’t your family deserve the best of both a family pet and the protection of a guardian as well?



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