Amazing Act Of Kindness From 13 Year Old Boy Donating To Animal Shelter


Amazing Act Of Kindness From 13 Year Old Boy Donating To Animal Shelter

DAMS COUNTY, COLO. – He’s just a young boy who loves dogs, despite being allergic to them, and working hard. And Jace Nelson found a great way to put the two together.

The Adams County Animal Shelter posted a photo of 13-year-old Jace and some of the beds he made for the dogs at the shelter.

Jace is part of Boy Scout Troop 402 in Adams County. He’s currently working for his Eagle Scout Award. To get an Eagle Scout Award, a scout has to show leadership and maturity by raising money and providing a significant service to the community or a non-profit organization.

“A lot of boys in my troop, and my brother, they did Eagle Scout projects out at Barr Lake. So I wanted to do something with animals,” said Jace.

Jace called the Adams County Animal Shelter to see what he could do to help out. After visiting the shelter and speaking with Andrew Brooks, the volunteer coordinator at the animal shelter, they agreed dog beds is what it needed most.

“Me and my dad, the first day we went there and we saw a bunch of the animals didn’t have beds, and on the way out we saw the surgery room and a lot of the dogs that didn’t have beds might have just had surgeries, so they might be uncomfortable as they lay on the floor with just like a blanket or something underneath them,” he said.

Jace raised more than $400 himself, collected all the parts and made 12 beds for dogs at the shelter – with a little help from his troop mates.

“I asked a bunch of family members and friends and neighbors. They all donated, the Home Depot in Brighton at the Prairie Center donated some pipes and screws,” Jace said. “Some boys in my troop came over and we had kind of like stations to build them.”

“Specifically what Jace did for us, which was a really big help, he built some of the bigger dog beds that we didn’t have before,” said Brooks. “The larger dogs that we have now, now have a place to rest.”

With all the people who helped work on the project, more than 150 hours of community service was provided.

“It’s really incredible what he did, he has a huge heart, a lot of compassion and I can tell you he’s going to earn every bit of his Eagle Scout Award,” said Brooks.

“It makes me feel good and like I didn’t just waste my time doing something useless I put my effort in time in building these beds,” Jace said.

While Jace’s primary goal was to help the dogs, his project is also going to help him reach a personal goal – beating his older brother at becoming an Eagle Scout.

“My brother got his Eagle Scout the night, or a few nights, before he turned 14. I want to get it the month before I turn 14,” he said.
Jace’s father says he is on track to get the award a few months earlier than Jacob.

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