Amazing Dog Nose Facts


Amazing Dog Nose Facts

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You have probably seen dogs being used by security agents in airports and other terminals. But have you ever asked yourself why dogs are damn so good in sniffing stuff than humans? The truth is that they have more sensors in their noses than us. This article will shed light on amazing dog nose facts that are worth noting and appreciating.

  • Dogs use the nose for smelling and respiration: When a dog starts sniffing around, it can pick different kinds of smells. Moreover, they respiration takes place through the nose and that’s why it’s usually wet most of the time.
  • Dogs breathe in and out the same time: Humans breathe in and out simultaneously which means you can’t breathe in and out the same time. Dogs on the other hand breathe in and out the same time without any problem. This allows air to move in and out of the body very first enabling them to pick scents faster.
  • Dogs have a special vomeronasal organ: The logic behind dogs’ ability to identify smells perfectly lies in their sophisticated vomeronasal organ. A dog can therefore identify odors emanating from other animals. As a matter of fact, dogs use this special organ during mating season to tell when a female is on heat.
  • Canines sniff in 3D: Humans have two eyes. But each eye sees a different angle of the same object. The different angles are merged by the brain to form a 3D image. Dogs have two nostrils. What is smelled through one nostril is different from what is picked by the other nostril. The different odors are then merged by the brain to make a 3D smell. They use this ability to find food and avoid crossing into the path of a predator.

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