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Innovative New Attire Line, American Eagle Outfitters?

Although we may not want to admit it, we have all dressed up our dogs as humans at some point in time, even if it was when we were children. This activity will probably never completely fall into disfavor, simply because it is so much fun. Generation after generation watches as Rover inevitably ends up wearing a t-shirt or some colorful socks. A retailer recently caught on to the fact that dressing our furry friends as humans will never go out of style: American Eagle Outfitters recently announced their newest collection, which is hipster doggie attire. In a recent “dogumentary” their newest line called American Beagle Outfitters was showcased to the media. Pet size products were featured in the video, the latter of which included statement T-shirts, crop tops, fedoras, hoodies, and if you can believe it…doggie jeggings.

What sets this new line of attire apart from other clothing lines is the fact that it is the first of its kind specifically designed for both the dog and his or her owner. This means that such clothing is not limited to the occasional doggie jacket or cute Halloween costume. Rather, American Beagle Outfitters are offering an entire line of year-round fashions for you and your furry friend.


Around this same time in 2013, the retailer took an innovative approach to viral marketing and staged a elaborate prank, announcing plans to release spray-on skinny jeans. The faux line got American Eagle Outfitters into the spotlight in short order. As a result, there are now some dog lovers who are wondering if the American Beagle Outfitters line is merely another such prank, but most journalists are inclined to believe that the merchandise is actually going to be offered. Since the rollout date is the first of April, curious consumers do not have long to wait to discover if this line is a reality or merely an amusing marketing stunt.

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