An Unlikely Canine Hero


The Pit Bull An Unlikely Canine Hero

A dog with impressive instincts was considered by many to be, an unlikely canine hero following the animal’s sounding of the alarm when fire swept through a family home in Grange-over-Sand. The owner, a Lakes hotelier, was quite proud of 5-year old Pepper, the hero of the day.

Jonathan Denby, a South Lake hotel owner, reported that Pepper alerted his wife, Margaret, to the fact that a blazing fire was under way in the family’s bathroom. Denby referred to the blaze as quite terrifying. Margaret breathlessly dialed for emergency services after inhaling a considerable amount of smoke that made breathing difficult. Her husband, who was not home at the time, stated that his wife was struggling to breathe as she reached for the telephone, and therefore one can only guess what may have eventually happened if she had been subjected to the smoke much longer, as she inevitably would have if Pepper had not saved the day.

In addition, the family home would have likely been lost. Margaret Denby stated she did not notice the odor of smoke as she relaxed in front of the television on a Friday night with daughters Georgina, 18, and Sara, 14. Fortunately, Pepper was on the scene and detected the smoke in time to save the family and their home.


It is not uncommon for the label of Pit Bull to be applied to many different breeds of dog just because they have characteristics that may be slightly similar in appearance. Some of the most common dogs that may be described under this stereotype include both the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier among other breeds such as the American Pit Bull Terrier, and Bull Terrier and almost any other dog that is a mixture of one of these breeds. In some locations even breeds such as the Dogo Argentino and American Bulldog are included is this misrepresentation even though they have genetic differences which are significant. Other dogs that are sometimes classified as a pit-bull type include the Boston Terrier, English Bulldog and French Bulldog and their descendents. The truth of the matter is that these different breeds each have their own histories, personalities and standards that are unique to each breed in its own right. The only breed that is actually considered to be a pit bull by official standards is the American Pit Bull Terrier because it is the only one that has pit bull in the official title.

This breed of dog came into existence when Old English Terriers and Old English Bulldogs were bred together. The end result was a dog that had the strength and athletic abilities associated with the bulldog and the gameness that was attributed to the terrier. This breeding took place in England and dogs of this new breed later came to America where they later became the ancestors of we now know as the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Originally Pit Bulls were bred for bloodsports in the United Kingdom. These bloodsports included such activities as bull and bear baiting and cock fighting. In 1835 these activities were done away with as animal welfare laws came into existence. Because it was easier and less costly many owners began fighting the dogs against each other in addition to being much easier to hide from authorities. This practice often included gambling and was a way for owners to test the quality of their dogs. This activity increased in popularity and continued throughout Britain and American for many years. Although there have been laws against this practice put into place there have still been instances of this activity in modern times however the penalties for such fights have become stricter and more costly over the years.

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