Beatrice is Saved from a Living Hell – We Hope she can Find Humanity

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There is limited information where Beatrice came from, but the Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society of Henderson North Carolina worked very hard to find a rescue to help this two-year-old, exceptionally sweet dog from imminent death.
Beatrice will be on her way to New York City today.

Dubbed Beatrice, the deaf pit bull mix has been in excruciating pain from the pure hell she lived prior to yesterday when she became part of the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC organization. In what seems to be multiple heinous acts of cruelty, Beatrice suffers from both a prolapsed uterus and rectum. According to veterinarians, only some kind of evil human action would cause this kind of injury.

“Beatrice is a dog who has been ‘used and abused,'” stated Stacey Silverstein, of the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC organization as the group prepared to transport Beatrice to New York City on Thursday to meet with specialized veterinary surgeons to help map Beatrice will be on her way to New York City today.out the dog’s extensive surgeries and reconstruction required to save her life. Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue stated: “Beatrice is lucky to be alive. She has suffered silently for God knows how long. She’s been violated, used and abused and just had to ‘take it.’ Well, that part of Beatrice’s life ends right now. The doctors say she will need multiple surgeries to repair all the damage. How much physical and mental abuse can one being endure? Once, we’ve done everything medically possible for this sweet, broken dog, what will we be left with? That we don’t know. We know she is very sweet, but how can one endure all of this torture and abuse without being affected?”

The rescue and rehabilitation of Beatrice is a task the all volunteer group of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC happily accept and embrace. The dog’s veterinary care and surgeries will be very expensive, but every life is worth saving, and Beatrice deserves better than the hell she has been forced to endure for most of her short life. At this time, the rescue organization has not been given any information where Beatrice came from, except that another dog from the same home, had been turned in last year with a severely prolapsed uterus. Background information concerning Beatrice will be shared by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC when made available. For now, it is important to concentrate on saving this dog’s life. A YouCaring link to help with her medical expenses can be found here.


Please be aware that a few of the photos are extremely graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.

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