Beautiful Pit Bull And Owner Sing Whitney Houston

he judges on a Belgium talent show have been won over - by a singing dog.

Beutiful Pit Bull And Owner Sing Whitney Houston 

Shunning their reputation for harsh critiques and exacting high standards, the judges on a Belgium talent show have been won over – by a singing dog.

The Belgium’s Got Talent judging panel appeared delighted when a man revealed not his own talents, but that of his singing pet dog Lady Xena, on the TV show recently.

Accompanied by a backing track of ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston, Lady Xena was broadcast crying in accompaniment to the signing.


The pet dog named Lady Xena howls in accompaniment to Houston’s singing during the live audition


Lady Xena’s owner sits beside her as she cries along to the love ballad before a huge TV audience

It was during the song’s crescendo that she received the biggest applause from the crowd and judges – letting off a loud and high pitched howl as the song concluded.

Throughout the performance, two judges could be seen bursting into laughter while two more watched on in mild bemusement.

In particular, Karen Damen, a singer and member of girl group K3, could be seen clutching her sides at the utterly bizarre audition.

However, the audience applauded the pet’s performance with enthusiasm – so much so that she has become a sensation in her home country.

Her owners, Mick Depreytere, 32, and Daphnee Naessens, 28, from Ostend in Belgium’s north-west, explained to HLN that they bought Xena when she was 12 weeks old.

It was when they took her to a cafe which was playing the Whitney Houston song that they discovered her talent.

‘When Xena heard the sound of the song, she began to cry. It was really weird,’ Mr Depreytere said.

Lady Xena’s owners later explained they had no idea their pet could sing until the song was played while they were sat a cafe

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