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Today my dog turns 11 years old, birthdays for your dog

I honestly do not know where the time went! It has inspired me to write a blog post on what to do for your dog on their birthday! I once had a two very elaborate birthday parties for my pups. I had a summer safari birthday party for my younger dog Jolie when she turned 5. It was equipped with everything from a puppy pool, water slide, tents, hanging monkeys, and a strictly enforced dress code. Earlier that year, I had an even more elaborate Breakfast at Tiffany’s birthday brunch for my older dog Bebe, equipped with blue lemonade, Audrey Hepburn costumes, scones, quiches, cupcakes and a cake in the shape of a Tiffany’s box. Since those two parties, everyone always asks me what should they do for they pet or what are appropriate ways to celebrate your dog’s special year (or seven) in review. You can find pictures and videos of these birthday parties on our blog, YouTube, and Facebook networks,

Since everyone’s budget is different I will be offering a few of my most favorite suggestions. For your dogs birthday why not surprise him/her with their favorite treat or toy. This option is the most common, which is why I like to get creative. Does your pup love bananas and peanut butter? My dogs sure do! Why not make him some puppy treats in a cake pop or donut-hole maker using his favorite ingredients? This recipe is one of my favorites and brings my dogs to wag their tales for hours on end.


·      1 banana, peeled

·      1 cup oat flour or coconut flour

·      2/3 cup rolled oats

·      1/2 cup dried parsley

·      3 tablespoons peanut butter, crunchy is fine too

·      1 egg, beaten, 2 egg whites if your pup is watching cholesterol!


I like smashing the banana with a fork before, as I find that it makes it easier. Roll up mixture into little balls and pop them in your cake pop maker. If you don’t have a cake pop maker you can place the ball batter into a 300 degree preheated oven and cook for 40 minutes.

pricellia dogs-birthday

Another birthday suggestion – toys! My dogs love the same toys no matter how many others I try to purchase or experiment with. Since they chew and get gross about every month I like to purchase 12 of the same toys and place it in a basket. On their birthday I let them dive into all their toys and the day after I put 11 of the toys away. It makes for great photos and one very happy pup.

Take your pet for a birthday outing! If the weather permits why not take your dog to the dog park with a special birthday shirt or bandana on? Take him or her to their favorite pet boutique. My two dogs have birthdays in opposite seasons. One is in the winter and the other in the summer. It’s always easier to plan for something in the warmer months. For the winter months, opt for taking your pet to a place he/she likes such as a walk around a pet store or a nice car ride, seatbelts and safety seat attached!

Finally, why not have a birthday party for your pup. Invite only your friends who have dogs, as they would clearly understand this notion better versus someone without a dog. Gather some cupcakes and cocktails, age permitting, with some water bowls and doggie treats and you have yourself a party. Decorate with balloons and goodie bags and make sure to take lots of pictures!

Wags and wet nose kisses,

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