A Burly Leonberger Sets a World Record


A Burly Leonberger Sets a Record

Can you gulp down 10 sausages in 14 seconds? 15 seconds? A minute even? This giant of a Leonberger dog, aptly named Hagrid, accomplished the feat in about 14 seconds on Britain’s Got Talent, setting a new record for the Guinness tomes.

Old Harlow’s David Woodthorpe-Evans flung 10 sausages in the direction of the canine. The famished dog caught all 10 in its mouth and swallowed each within seconds. By the end of the 14th second, all the sausages had settled in the hulking four-legged creature’s belly, as the judges, including Simon Cowell, watched in awe.

While Hagrid etched its name in the Guinness Book of World Records with a flourish, it also bagged 4 ‘Yes’ votes from the show’s judges. Sarah Woodthorpe-Evans, David’s wife, stated that when their dog was invited on Britain’s Got Talent, the showrunners had agreed to accept the feat’s completion even at the 17-second mark. Hagrid decidedly surpassed all their expectations.

Britain’s Got More Talent, the show’s spin-off, featured the full version of the act. The video got more than half a million views. It also exhibited a parody clip of the show’s host, Stephen Mulhern, trying to catch grapes in his mouth.


Hagrid was not exactly a novice in the trade. It had previously devoured hot dogs at one show and led a pack of dogs at a fundraiser. It also stands a chance of getting featured in the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent.

The hustle and bustle of the show’s production can usually extend to over 9 hours. However, the owners are the more tired ones than the star dog by the end of the day. The Leonberger became famous overnight, and the Woodthorpe-Evans’ house is stalked by fans every day, eager to get a glimpse of the hefty terrier.

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