The Busker Loving Dog


The Busker Loving Dog

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to own a dog who enjoys your taste in music? You can take it out for a jog while loudly playing your favorite piece on your music pod, and the canine will run with the beats at the same rate. It will cuddle by your side for hours as you blissfully delve into the complex set of riffs on a death metal track. Let your melodic imagination flow, and your dog will always be a part of it.

This is exactly the kind the of dog that an individual in Barcelona owns; the only difference being that the Golden Retriever’s musical tastes differ from those of its owner. A busker in a bustling street of Barcelona was playing a harmonic tune when the owner and the Retriever were passing through. The dog suddenly refused to budge, and lay flat on the pavement apparently listening to the song. The ‘apparent’ listening was eventually confirmed to be ‘actual’ listening when the canine sat up immediately after the song ended. A street song enthusiast by the name of Neil Kean managed to capture the footage,

Neil quoted, “I was filming a busker in Barcelona when this dog walked over and refused to leave until the song was finished.” As you can see from the video and realize from Neil’s statement, the Golden Retriever’s master didn’t particularly enjoy the busker’s music, due to which he was tugging at his dog all the while to make the poor animal move. But every animal trusts its own instincts, and Golden Retrievers are no exception. When a dog appreciates a particular piece of music, it never really listens to anything else, even to its own master.

Needless to say, the talented busker became famous overnight, not only due to his deep understanding of music, but majorly also because of the canine’s insistence to listen to his compositions. Who needs a music agent when you have an adorable mutt to vouch for you? A simple dog can make a mark in this world after all!

By Dhaval Gawas

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