Can My Dog Get Me Sick?

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Can My Dog Get Me Sick?

Getting sick from your dog not likely, but possible. Even though dogs catch colds, this is not the same virus that triggers a human cold. Your dog can infect you with other things like ringworm, meningitis, and parasites. These may seem extreme, and that’s because it is relatively uncommon to be affected but is possible if your dog has been exposed.

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Petting your dog can bring about millions of germs on your hands and into the surrounding air. Dogs carry parasites frequently, some of which are harmful like ringworm and viruses that give us the stomach bug or diarrhea! The stomach bug is usually spread from the dog feces which can easily be tracked in from their paws or dirty shoes. Ringworms can be carried on the dog’s fur or even in their muzzle, so kisses and rubs from your dog can infect you. Keeping your dog clean and your hands washed after petting is the best way to prevent transmission.

A disease like meningitis is the most uncommon to transmit from a dog to human. Only certain bacterias carrying meningitis can infect a person, the chances of contracting this from a dog are very slim. Common forms of transmission are through the saliva in a dog’s mouth inside of your mouth or nose. Usually, a dog’s symptoms like weakness, vomiting, lethargy, or fever present themselves and you can treat your dog immediately. As a rule, any unusual behavior from your dog should be red flags for you to seek professional help, particularly in the loss of appetite and excessive vomiting.

Catching a serious illness from your dog is about as likely as getting struck by lightning, your pup giving you kisses or rolling around on the floor with your dog should not bring upon a life-threatening illness.

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