Can My Dog Swim?


Can My Dog Swim?

Most people believe that all dogs can swim, and it depends on the dog! Most dogs will naturally begin to paddle when their paws hit the water. Just because a dog can paddle does not mean they will stay afloat or keep their heads above water.

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Dogs with short legs and long bodies have a harder time than dogs with longer legs and stocky builds. Though, physical characteristics do not hinder a dog that is around water often and enjoys swimming. Most dogs that have been around water from a young age will have a good sense of being safe in the water and only going where they feel comfortable.

Introducing your dog to the water for the first time should be in shallow areas, even getting in the water with them will help to feel more at ease. If you are unsure of if your dog can swim or not, pushing them into the water or dragging them in is not a pleasant experience. Rather, let them come naturally; if very skeptical, you can try offering treats or throwing a ball to give them a reason to go in. Many pups need a confidence boost going in at first, give them something they are familiar with shows them that the water is a safe place to go.

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Some people are natural swimmers, and the same applies to dogs; there is no sure way to know if your dog will like swimming, but encouragement around pools, ponds, or lakes is the best way to at least know how to swim. Some dogs will refuse to go in the water unless they’re fetching, or there are other dogs or familiar persons in with them. See what works best for each of your pups and never pressure them into something they’re uncomfortable doing.


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