Can Dogs Love other Dogs

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We like to think our dogs are a lot like people. Many of us feel dogs show how they feel about another dog dramatically. Can Dogs Love other Dogs?

They greet each other by sniffing hind parts, which is typical, sense of smell is their most developed. Additionally they have glands in that region of a dog’s anatomy, which have a strong scent.

If your dogs live together they love each other, like us getting annoyed or irritated is natural and we share this in common with our four legged friends. Rough play is more a contest of dominance than hatred, especially if one is a lot older. You can normally let them prove their dominance and not bother with protecting the weaker one, unless real damage is being done. Separating two dogs that are fighting can be dangerous.

If one of your dogs rolls over and shows his belly to the other, and the other seems disinterested, or dismissive, it is an indication that they accept each other’s roll for the time being.

Dog politics are simple, all domestic dogs will be friends as long as the owners are, if your dog senses differently from you they will stand behind you and become aggressive towards the other owners dog. Funny how they love and hate like humans.

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