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Boca Raton FL 6.29.12 ( Community For Dog Owners¬†today and we look forwards to becoming a vital destination for dog and pet owners looking for relevant news and a vibrant and active community promoting animal welfare and overall humanity” says Chris Kotsos.

The site offers real-time news feeds as well as unique content provided by editors that are employed by the site, as well as a growing number of freelance providers.

Anyone interested in providing content, whether it is video, written or images can visit the site and follow the ‘submit an article’ link in the footer of the website. is especially excited about the launch of their new community and members’ area, which allows members and dog owners to interact with each other, share stories and create actionable topics seamlessly with any social platform they currently use.

“We help bring light to animal abuse and help to stop misinformation, while providing positive stories as well. Issues seem to have become very black or white in traditional media, it sells ad space, we get it but in truth all issues have small extremes on each side and the overall positives and goodwill that exists is what we will promote and champion.”

We will be working diligently over the next few weeks to add many more features and alliances with agencies, companies and non-profits to help get their message out.

To discuss any partnerships, there are links at the bottom of the pages.

Mr. Kotsos reports that already this month, the site is seeing over 10,000 new visitors per day and beginning next month new cross-marketing campaigns are slated to begin with YAHOO, BING and others to get the word out even more.

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