What Causes Dogs to Eat Grass?


What Causes Dogs to Eat Grass?

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You have obviously seen a dog nibbling on grass. This behavior can leave you confused because dogs are not supposed to feed on plants because they are carnivorous. As a matter of fact, dogs were initially wired to feed on meat. But that was before they were adopted by humans. Back then, dogs could only indulge in plants when they feasted on the intestines of their prey in the wilderness. Modernization has forced dogs to feast on anything that can keep hunger at bay. But dogs don’t eat grass to get full.

Remedy for Gassy Stomach


There are times when gas builds up in a dog’s stomach after eating certain foods. This makes the canine to feel very uncomfortable. The dog reacts to a gassy stomach by nibbling on grass. If you happen to be around when your dog is doing this, you will notice that it doesn’t chew the grass. The logic behind this behavior is that the blades of grass irritate the throat and the stomach lining to induce vomiting.  In fact, the dog stops nibbling on grass immediately it has thrown up.

Nutritional Need

There are instances when a dog eats grass and doesn’t vomit. This is caused by the dog’s desire for fiber. You should not worry when you see your dog feasting on grass. As a matter of fact, that’s one way of showing off their intelligence. It’s very rare to see an animal medicating itself. If you observe your canine while eating grass and realize that it’s not doing so to vomit, you should introduce whole meals into its food.


Dogs that eat processed food are the main culprits of this behavior probably because they are craving for some nutrients that are not available in those meals. It’s therefore advisable to compliment processed food with herbs. Although nibbling on grass is normal, it can expose your dog to poisoning. This is because it might ingest pesticides and other dangerous chemicals while eating grass. The only way of preventing such accidents is to opt for a herbal lawn because it’s free from chemicals.

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