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The decision to become a dog owner is not one that should be taken lightly. It is a huge responsibility and a lot of love and patience – not to mention time – goes into it. Even with all that goes into it the rewards that you get out of it are immeasurable. From the moment that you accept responsibility for this little life you begin to see changes in your own life. You may find yourself spending more time with your new pet and less time with others. You will even find yourself thinking more and more about ways to make your pets life better. You will definitely do everything in your power to ensure that they are both happy and healthy. These may seem like small changes but when you put them all together they are noticeable changes that make you a better person over all.

Even celebrities are not immune to the changes that occur when they take on the responsibility of a new life in the form of adopting a pet. There are many celebrities that are so adoring of their little charges that they spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars pampering them. That’s aside from the cost of basic care such as vet bills and feeding. These celebrities would quickly tell you that there is nothing like the unconditional love and loyalty of a pet.

Dwayne Johnson is one such celebrity whose life was changed by a dog. After adopting two pets he saved them from nearly drowning in the family’s swimming pool. Unfortunately, one of them later died from eating a toxic mushroom. Of the experience Johnson said that you have to live and love as greatly as you can today because tomorrow is never guaranteed. That is a powerful message for anyone especially in the world we live in today. You never know what tomorrow brings and if you don’t tell those you care about how you feel you just might not get another chance.

Jennifer Aniston is another celebrity that truly lives for her pets. The actress loves her dogs so much that when she’s filming movies they are with her to avoid being separated from them. Not only is she very conscientious of their emotional health she also ensures that they stay in the best physical health possible as well. When she does have to spend time away from them she loves how excited they are when she returns to them. She says her dogs have helped her through many difficult times in her life with their loyalty and unconditional love.

There are a great many more celebrities who have become not only pet owners but pet advocates as well. Regardless of the people who own these pets one thing is the same between them all. Each one of them will tell you that not only is being a pet owner a rewarding experience but it teaches you many different things not only about the pet but also about yourself as well.

One of the most important things that being the owner of a dog teaches many people is not to be selfish. It is easy to think only of yourself when you have no one else. When you take on the responsibility of another life however this way of thinking goes out the window. You are now responsible for this whole other being. As such you want to do everything that you possibly can to make their life the best that it can be. In doing this you learn that there are things that are much more important than just yourself as any pet owner will quickly tell you.

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