Color Coded Collars, Would You Try It?

Color Coded Collars, Would You Try It?

Color Coded Collars, Would You Try It?

It has happened to us all, out of nowhere, the hand of a stranger, perhaps a child, approached our dog surprisingly, and we have had to hold firmly the leash while apologizing for the bark or the “attack”.
Naturally, when we see a dog, we want to get closer and pet him, it’s practically mechanical for any dog-lover to have that first “rubbing-belly instinct”. However, those who had lived a little longer with these “Adorable wolves” know that there might be moments when is better to stay away.

Like humans, dogs develop to a greater or lesser extent a tendency to socialize and to receive affection from acquaintances and strangers. In some cases, there are dogs, just as there are humans, who don’t enjoy excessive petting. At the same time, there are those who live with their 4 paws up in the air waiting to be tickled. Ces’t la vie!

A color for each need

Faced with this need to distinguish the needs and preferences of our dogs, a recent proposal has emerged, proving to be very popular in Australia, Canada, and the UK: color coded leashes and necklaces to indicate when to approach a pet, or if it have a special need to attend to.

This coding, inspired by the Traffic light system, allows us to alert others about our pet’s temperament, knowing that if our dog’s collar is:

GREEN: For friendly dogs, even if wear by a dog from an “aggressive” breed.
YELLOW: For nervous dogs that react to strangers.
RED: It means that the dog has an aggressive character and it is preferable not petting it.

Also, there are other colors that serve as indicators for other types of needs, for example:
Orange: For those pooches with socialization problems.
BLUE: means “still in training”.
WHITE:For deaf or blind dogs.

Another popular option is to place bows in your current pet chain with the color that alerts others about their needs and behavior. In any case, before caressing somebody else pooch, always keep in mind to ask first.

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