Common Skin Problems in Dogs


Common Skin Problems in Dogs

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Skin problems in dogs are rampant. The other problem is that they can be spread by coming into contact with infected dogs. Some are not easy to tell because they don’t show visible signs. When your dog has a dry skin, scratches and chews a lot, you should consider calling a vet because it might be suffering from a skin disease. Below is a list of common skin diseases in dogs.

Itchy Skin

When a dog has an itchy skin, it keeps on scratching its body. As a matter of fact, itchy skin is the most common skin problem in dogs. Most dog owners that take their canine to the clinic due to this problem argue that the dog keeps chewing beneath the skin especially in the limbs. In fact, you might think that your dog has fleas only for the problem to persist after spraying it with an insecticide. The behavior causes the skin to have scars due to accidental bites and scratches. Hair loss is also prevalent in the affected body parts.



Dogs usually scratch their bodies when they have an allergy. The condition is usually caused by some elements in the environment such as pollen and mite dander among other allergens. These allergens find their way into the body through the nose as the dog breathes and obviously direct ingestion. There are also instances when an allergy is caused by indulging in certain proteins.

Proteins are needed by the body to repair worn out tissues. However, the body might reject certain varieties of proteins. If you realize that your canine starts scratching its body after eating certain foods, you should remove them from his diet. Besides that, allergies can be remedied through medication. At times it’s necessary to inject the dog with anti-allergens medicine.

Hair Loss

It’s not easy to diagnose hair loss in dogs. This is because the condition is caused by various underlying factors. The most common cause of hair loss is fleas, ticks and other parasites. As the dog scratches continuously, hair strands are pulled out from the skin through chewing and scratching. Lest we forget, the paws of a dog are armed with claws. On the other hand, the problem can be caused by diseases such as thyroid and Cushing’s disease. During physical examination, the skin is usually scrapped using a sharp object just to get samples that can be tested in a lab.

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