The Considerations to Make When Bringing a New Dog Home


The Considerations to Make When Bringing a New Dog Home

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Adopting a new dog brings joy to your home. But this joy can diminish in a matter of days. Adopting a dog is not a walk in the park. This is because the canine needs to be walked around, fed and bathed. If you always have a tight schedule, adopting a dog is not a good idea because you will not be giving it the best care. Ion the other hand there are certain breeds of dogs that don’t get along well with people. This should be a major concern if you have kids.  It’s better not to own a dog at all than to have it then neglect its needs. You must therefore be up to the task before bringing a canine into your household.

Ignore the Hype

You should never adopt a dog just because your friends have one. Don’t be the kind that flows with the masses. After all is said and done, you are the one who will be taking care of your canine buddy. Nowadays most people are adopting Chihuahua because they require little space in the house and are viewed as an accessory.

If anyone who owns such breed were to be honest with you, they would tell you that a Chihuahua is not ideal for a home that has kids because it likes biting a lot. Pitbulls on the other hand are known to be aggressive. In fact, there are some insurance companies that will not cover you when you have a Pitbull.


Consult a Vet

It’s important to consult a vet in advance before bringing a new dog to your home. This is simply because vets are the most knowledgeable individuals on dog matters especially on their behavior. The good thing is that you will get the advice without having to pay even a single cent. If you don’t know any vet, it’s advisable to ask for referrals from friends and relatives. To help the vet in picking the best breed, you should update him on your lifestyle.

Screen Your Home for Health Hazards


You should screen your home to ensure it’s safe for your dog to roam around. Something as little as a chewing gum can cause your dog to die when ingested. It’s therefore important to comb through your home in search of such things.

You should actually get rid of them before the new dog arrives. The cabinets should be locked with a padlock. Drugs should be kept out of dog’s reach. If you have poisonous plants in the garden, you should uproot them and dispose them into a lockable bin.

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