Cool Dog Names Based On Movie Characters

Cool Dog Names Based On Movie Characters

Picking out a dog name can be hard, especially when you are going for something unique, yet sensible. There are awesome dog names already out there, the movies below have cast dogs in leading roles and just by hearing their names; you may automatically know the title.

This dog was the pet of a dead man, who was taken in by a detective agent. His name is  Hooch, and he was there at the time of the death of the victim and is the only witness to the murder. The detective takes in Hooch to prevent him from being put down; he’s a giant Mastiff whose size is intimidating, though very smart. Hooch can identify the killer, and lead the detective to him in his last case before he gets promoted.

Hooch is an excellent dog name, especially if you have a large breed. Many people will recognize the symbolism, and your pup will strike many interesting conversations.

The next dog is a St. Bernard who is named after a famous composer. His new-found family decided to give him this name once he barked along to a piece of music played on the piano by the daughter, from the famous composer Beethoven. The dog helps the family members overcome troubles in school, and becomes a part of the family. Beethoven is a household name and is a great name for any dog.

Now, I couldn’t just give out boy dog names and no girl; this Dalmatian is as cute as her name, she’s the dog wife of Pongo, another Dalmatian who live in London. Together they have 15 puppies and fight to keep their pups with them as Cruella Deville hunts them to make coats out of.  Perdy (Perdita) is a sweet girl dog name, fitting for any majestic, female dog. Those dog names were a part of my childhood, and are unique to many others you may hear.

Have fun picking out your pup’s name, and I hope you enjoyed reminiscing through movie memory lane!

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