Coping with Grief of your Dogs Death


Like most catchFred readers, you probably consider your dog a best friend as well as a pet. Therefore, when you lose your dog or puppy to an illness or injury, it can be an extremely depressing event. You may even feel a substantial amount of guilt, even though you know deep down that you did nothing to contribute to your dog’s death. The following are some suggestions that will help you work through your grief and come to terms with the loss of your best friend:

Something that will help you cope with the loss of your pet is to honor him or her in some way. For example, you can select a special area of your property and plant a tree in memory of your furry friend. In this way, you will feel like you are not forgetting the happiness and fulfillment that your dog brought to you throughout your life.

It is also important to allow yourself to express your grief. Do not try to stifle your tears, as this will only increase your sadness. Choose a special time each day, maybe when you regularly played with your dog, and go to a quiet spot where you can simply cry it out.

Pretending to be tough and unaffected by this event is never a wise course of action. This is because eventually your feelings will manifest in one way or another, and therefore it is better for you to choose when and where you grieve, rather than waiting for your grief to burst through in negative ways, which it will inevitably do.

Finally, it is very important for you to be patient with yourself and not allow anyone else to tell you what an appropriate mourning period is, as you are the best person to determine that fact. Losing a pet is never easy, but the steps outlined above will help you and other catchFred readers to overcome this difficult time in life.

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