Cruel Monster Ditches Pup In A Ditch Before Being Miraculously Saved


Cruel Monster Ditches Pup In A Ditch Before Being Miraculously Saved 

There are millions of homeless animals wandering the streets in the U.S. Unfortunately because they have no guardians, it’s virtually impossible to know each and every one of their personal stories. Some have ended up on the street  after being cruelly abandoned by their guardians. Others were born into a feral colony and are simply in a group of many homeless animals. And a few have gotten lost and sadly never made their way back home. How ever they got there, animals, like stray dogs, have to deal with several challenges while trying to make it on their own. They have to search for food constantly, usually from the trash. They have to make sure they are able to locate water to drink every once in a while. And of course, they must be careful and try to avoid being hit by cars while out on the streets.

Recently, a kind man, that goes by the username nizzle on Imgur, stumbled upon a dog in a ditch while out driving. Clearly, a lover of animals, the fellow immediately stopped the car and tried to approach the pup. Unfortunately, it appears the skittish pup was not used to much human interaction, so he bolted onto the street. Determined to help, the Imgur user spent two hours trying to coax the little fella towards him.


Considering the puppy had been taking up home in a ditch, the Imgur user figured the best first course of action was drawing a bath. But first, a picture to commemorate the rescue! 



Without the help of this kind Imgur user, there’s no telling how much longer this little pup would have survived in the ditch, especially considering he had an injury and fleas. Not everyone is necessarily able to welcome a stray animal into their home, but there are other ways you can help these innocent creatures. Click here to learn how!

All image source: nizzle/Imgur


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