Cycling with Your Canine Friend


Cycling with Your Canine Friend

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If you are a biker, you would certainly want to go for a ride with your dog. But then you are afraid that the dog will run past you and get lost. An inexperienced cyclist might fear that the leash might get stuck in the wires between the wheel rim and cause him to fall. Such mishaps are bound to happen if you are cycling with your dog for the first time. You can avoid these accidents by preparing in advance.

Take the Dog for Medical Checkup

Preparation for a cycling session should start by having the dog examined by a vet to confirm whether it’s safe for him to engage in such a vigorous exercise. An obese dog can’t go for a ride with you. Mobility in obese dogs is usually a problem because their bones can’t support their weight. If such is your canine, you should play it safe by just walking him around your neighborhood. In addition to that, there are other unknown conditions that can be triggered by vigorous exercising.


Invest in Riding Gear

If the vet concludes that your dog is fit to go for a cycling session, you should proceed by shopping for his riding gear. You should buy a harness and a leash. However, the leash should not be used without a harness because your dog can get injured on the neck due to pulling. Besides that, a harness makes it easier to restrain the dog when the bike is moving. You should also invest in dog boots to ensure his feet are not pricked by sharp objects. It’s also important to boost the dog’s visibility at night by buying a reflective collar. There are actually collars that come with an LED light.

Getting Started

Cycling with your dog should start from home a few days before you step out. The first step involves building rapport between the dog and the bike. You can use your home compound during the orientation period. You should ride your bike within the home compound with the dog by your side. The bike should create a barrier between you and the dog. This helps the dog in understanding that you want him to follow the bike to wherever it goes. While at it, you should use some phrases to instruct the dog.


Peddling Away From Home

On the appointed day, you should make the dog wear the harness that has been hooked to a leash. The leash should be attached to the adjustable post below the seat. The length of the leash should be reduced to ensure the dog doesn’t attempt to go before you. Attaching the leash to the handle bars is a huge mistake. This is because you are likely to fall with a thud if the dog pulls in a different direction.

If you can’t fix the leash to the adjustable post, you should hold it with one hand. This really gives you an edge when the dog attempts to pull.  You should start peddling at a slow pace. This makes it easier for the canine to catch up with you. Since you are not competing with anyone, you should cycle for short distances to give the dog time to rest. During the periodic breaks, you should give it clean water to drink to ensure it doesn’t suffer from heat stroke.

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