Diesel the Canine Victim in Paris


A Belgian Malinois with France’s anti-terrorist police unit, RAID, is one of the latest victims of terrorist violence. The dog, named “Diesel,” died this week in Saint-Denis while assisting officers who were conducting an operation to flush out terrorists in the wake of the deadly violence in Paris which claimed over 125 lives less than one week ago.

Early Wednesday morning, the Facebook page for posted the tragic news to their followers, “Diesel, Malinois 7 years of age, dog’s attack ‪#‎raid‬ was killed by terrorists in the ongoing operation in Saint-Denis. The attack dogs and research of explosives: essential in the missions of the operators of the raid.”

Diesel was part of an elite forces operation and he was helping French authorities find terror suspects – according to RT News, after Diesel was killed, several individuals who were suspected of terrorist involvement were arrested and killed.


Thousands of people have shared and left comments on the Police Nationale Facebook page following the announcement of Diesel’s tragic death and Twitter has been flooded with words of sadness over news of his loss.

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